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What can you use development finance for?

Most commonly used by landlords, homeowners and property developers to:

To put it simply, a property developer adds value to land or property. Whether they are adding value through the addition of an extension on a residential property or on a much larger scale, purchasing a plot of land with the intention to build multiple properties to sell on, the scope for a property developers desired avenue is huge.

If you are a first-time property developer and wondering if property development is worth it then understand that it is a high risk, high gain business with ample amounts of avenue to explore dependent on your interests. As long as you have the financial support behind you, the prospects are open ended.

Being a first-time property developer, you may have encountered lenders reluctancy due to your lack of experience. Our experienced brokers work with a unique structure in ordered to mitigate any potential risks in order for you to be perceived as desirable to lenders.